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 Modular Wheelchair Ramps with Handrails

Modular wheelchair ramp Our modular wheelchair ramps and platforms come from the #1 ramp manufacturer in the country, PVI (Prairie View Industries.) The modular ramps & platforms can be used for commercial access as well as residential access and meet ADA requirements when used with a 1:12 slope ratio. We also offer you the OnTrac ramp with handrails, which does not have adjustable legs, it simply rests on the top step for support. Made in the USA.
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Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Portable wheelchair ramps The portable ramps are also made by PVI and are constructed of durable aluminum and surfaced with a high traction material. Follow the links below for information on the singlefold ramp, multifold ramp, solid ramp, bariatric, ontrac ramp, utility ramp, rear door van ramp, aluminum threshold ramps as well as our rubber and plastic threshold ramps. Made in the USA.
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Battery Powered Handicap Door Opener
Hard Wired Option Available

ADA EZ battery powered door opener The ADA-EZ is the most versitile door opener on the market today. It is battery powered, (hard wired option available) ADA compliant, commercial grade, heavy duty and simple to install. It comes with 2 wireless activation buttons and can be programed for hold-open time, opening speed and will interface with a strike release. The battery charges itself every time the door is opened manually. The ADAEZ handicap door opener sets the standard.
Made in North America.

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Automatic Door Activation Switches, Sensors, and Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

MSSEDCO switches, sensors,wireless transmitters and receivers Our door control devices are made by MSSEDCO. Products include, handicap door activation switches, wireless transmitters & receivers, wireless switch packages, Infrared (IR) switches, microwave & infrared door sensors, timers, mounting boxes and electronic eyes, just to name a few.
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Automatic Pneumatic Door Openers
Powered by Air

Residential handicap door opener

Commercial handicap door opener
Medium Duty Commercial

We offer two types of pneumatic door opener, the residential handicap door opener, shown above left, and the commercial handicap door opener shown above right. There is also an all inclusive package for either the residential door opener or the commercial pneumatic door opener. Unlike electro-mechanical door openers, these door operators are powered by an air source. We offer a silent air compressor with each opener or you can use your own. Doors can be automated by many different types of controls such as,  voice command, (Dragon Naturally Speaking)  X-10 technology or by hand held remote control.


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